Saturday, November 08, 2008

Do I Love Lucy?

Lily woke me up earlier than I would have liked this morning, so I watched two episodes of _I Love Lucy_ as I was attempting to doze on the couch while she played on the floor. I didn't really grow up watching _I Love Lucy_, but I know I've seen a few episodes every now and then. Anyway, I was a little bothered by the episodes that I saw today. The first episode was okay, but it didn't really conclude. The second episode didn't conclude either, but this time the lack of conclusion was a bit more troubling. The episode ended with Lucy trapped in a walk-in freezer. Now, the problem with this ending is that the freezer has a key lock on the outside, has only one key, and cannot be opened from the inside. At the end, Lucy is locked in the freezer and she has the key, and that's where the episode ends. So, my question: how does Lucy get out? Shouldn't her getting out of the cooler be a part of the episode? If the episode ends with Lucy stuck in the freezer, does she end up stuck there permanently, thus ending the series?

So, do I love Lucy? I'm not so sure....

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