Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Mystery of the Missing High-Chair

I'm sure Emily Post and Ann Landers would object to this post, but oh well....

(DISCLAIMER: I'm not aggravated or ungrateful, but simply perplexed.)

About 9 months ago Jimmy and I eagerly registered for baby items at two different stores. Despite the risk of spoiling some surprises, we did periodically check the online registry information at both stores to see what items had been purchased. Among the first items to move from the "need it" list to the "have it" list was a high-chair. Well, the first baby shower passed, and the high-chair didn't appear. The second baby shower passed, and the high-chair didn't appear. The baby arrived, and still the high-chair didn't appear. Now the baby's almost ready to sit in a high-chair, and the high-chair hasn't appeared.

At this point I'm wondering several things: Did someone actually purchase the high-chair, or was there an error on the registry information? If someone did purchase the high-chair, where have they stored it for the past 7+ months? (If I purchased a gift of that size for someone, I would be very eager to give it to them simply to get the big box out of my house.) I know we haven't needed a high-chair yet, but why wait to long?

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of said high-chair, please let me know....

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