Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Football and Cell Phones

Lily went to her first football game this past weekend. Since we live less than two blocks from the high school football stadium, we decided to take in a game while the weather is still nice. Lily seemed to enjoy the first quarter well enough, slept through the second quarter, woke up for the half time show, and then got a little fussy during the third quarter. Since Lily was fussy and it was already passed her bedtime, we left midway through the third quarter.

As I was leaving the game, I dropped my cell phone. However, I didn't realize that I dropped it until about 5 minutes later. We went back and searched for it, but it was nowhere to be found. The lady who I was sitting next to hadn't moved and hadn't noticed anything, but the phone was gone nonetheless. I got a new phone, but I lost all of my contacts. Thus, if I had your number and you want me to have it again, please call me, text me, or send me an e-mail....

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