Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July, Fireworks, and (Surprise!) Rain

Well, at least the rain stayed away until most of the fireworks displays were finished....

Jimmy worked part of the day yesterday, and I enjoyed a rather lazy holiday with my books. We met up with some friends for a little evening cook-out, and we all went out to watch a big fireworks display after that. We went to a local country club (a friend's parents are members) and watched their absolutely gigantic and beautiful display. Though I've seen large fireworks displays before, this one was very different in that the musical accompaniment that went along with the display was a blasting array of car alarms that were set off by the sound of the fireworks. The discordant blaring was, at times, accompanied by the high-pitched yet nearly imperceptible drone of a small choir of mosquitoes. Beautiful.

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