Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Cute Boots!"

Lily and I spent a few hours walking the mall today.... I took the car in for an oil change; they were busier than usual, so we had longer than usual to wander the mall. We had lunch and then proceeded to on our lap. After perusing the VeggieTales section at the Christian book and gift store, we wandered by a little shoe store that had a display of boots in the window (some rain boots, some Ugg-like boots, and a few other styles as well). As we passed the store, Lily yelled out "Look, cute boots!" and and doubled back to go inside. She then proceeded to pick up and examine every pair -- "cute black boots," "cute pink boots," "cute brown boots," etc. until she had looked at all of the boots at least twice. The lady working in the store just stood there and laughed; I wondered how much money I'll be spending on shoes over the next sixteen years....

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