Saturday, September 04, 2010

My First Wedding

I played piano at a wedding today...and survived!! I couple from church asked me about 2 months ago if I would be willing to play piano at their wedding, and today was the day. I was a little nervous as I'd never played a wedding before; I only started playing Sundays about 6 months ago, and then only as a fill-in when the regular pianist or the organist can't be there. (I generally do okay, but I'm nowhere near as good as either regular pianist or the organist.)

Anyway, I was quite surprised when I was asked to play the wedding. And then I was even more surprised when the bride told me to pick out whatever pretty piano music I wanted to play! She wanted the traditional Wedding March (Wagner) for the processional, but other than that I got to pick out all of the music. I kept the music pretty simple and traditional, and everything went well. If only all weddings were that easy....

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