Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Bathtubs?

The seal between the wall and the bathtub in our main bathroom needed to be re-sealed, so I decided to tackle that project this past weekend. There had been a plastic adheasive strip seal thingie down, and I had to remove and replace that. I would have liked to simply have caulked the seam, but that wouldn't work. So, I ended up replacing the plastic strip and then caulking around it. When I bought the products I needed, I did my best to match colors; both the strip and the caulk were labeled as "bright white." The color of the two items, however, did not match. When Jimmy saw the finished project, he remarked, "It looks like the strip turned pink." I tried to hold in the laughter, but the only thing I could say in reply was "So does that mean we're going to have baby bathtubs?"

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