Saturday, November 07, 2009

Library Book Sale Finds

The local public library has been having a book sale this week. We found out about it yesterday when we went to get a new stack of books for Lily. (She likes picking out new books and playing with all of the toys in the library.) Anyway, Jimmy and Lily and I returned to the library today to sort through the room of "for sale" books to see what all we could find. We spent about an hour and a half browsing books. (We went at nap time, so Lily fell asleep in the car and then slept in her stroller for about the first hour. She browsed and shopped with us for a while though...and she did a relatively good job all things considered.) We ended up with two boxes of books: a good assortment of children's books for Lily, some things to resell online, some things to keep, and some things to take to work. The treasure, I think, is a copy of the book Copland on Music that is autographed by the author, Aaron Copland. I haven't figured out how much the book would be work if I were to try to e-bay it, but I think maybe I'll just keep it.

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