Friday, July 10, 2009

Better Bedtimes

Bedtimes and naptimes were rough for a while, but they've been much better lately. Most days Lily goes down for her nap while the babysitter's here, so I'm not the one putting her down. However, the babysitter says she usually goes to sleep quite easily. Bedtimes have been a breeze lately. I've been giving Lily a bedtime-snack bottle, followed by a little water to wash the milk off of the teeth, and then I put her in her bed. That's usually followed by a "Good Night, Lily," which is then followed by about 30 seconds worth of screaming. After the 30 seconds of screaming she usually manages to find her thumb and then drift off to sleep.

This sure beats spending an hour or two trying to coax a screaming baby to sleep....

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cbr said...

i liked to rock my kids to sleep - big rocks